John Harris - Oil Painting Norwalk, CT

John Harris - Oil Painting Norwalk, CT

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SoNo Arts Festival          SoNo Artist Application

August 3 & 4, 2019

Saturday & Sunday . 10am - 5pm

Washington Street, North and South Main Streets, Norwalk, Connecticut 06854

SoNo Arts Festival




City State Zip__________________________________________________


Cell phone____________________________________________________



CT Tax ID Number______________________________________________

I am a jury exempt:  Bruce Museum Exhibitor__ Westport _Saratoga Arts__ Previous Exhibitor__

My booth request is ________________________________  

Although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted.

Category for jurying/judging: _________________________

Brief Description of Artwork ______________________________________________________________________________

Recent Shows or Awards ______________________________________________________________________________

Please enclose the following:

___  Signed application, Deadline - June 1, 2019

___  Jury/processing fee $30 (jury exempt award winners, do not pay)

___  Booth fee - $385, standard, 10 x 10 ____  corner  $100

___  Double booth - additional $350 fee, total $735 - 10 x 20

___  Enclosed SASE for notification (cd will not be returned w/o postage)

___  Permission to use images for promotional purposes

___  5 Images - 4 images of work 1 of booth

___ I am emailing my images_______ date sent

___ Use my images from Stamford, Saratoga or Bruce Museum, (send only 1 set of images)

Please make all checks payable to: Sue Brown Gordon.

The undersigned does hereby and forever discharge Gordon Fine Arts LLC, Sue Brown Gordon, volunteers and staff of the event, The City of Norwalk and all South Norwalk Tenants from all matters of suits, damages, claims and demands from loss or damage to the undersigned's property. Gordon Fine Arts, LLC, reserves the right to make final interpretations of all rules. The undersigned does hereby certify that the work presented is original and handmade by the artist applying herein and that the artist is the sole producer of the work exhibited and will be present during the entirety of the show August 3 & 4, 2019.



Additional name tag _________________________________

Car Plate Number_______________Trailer_______________ Tent Type________________


SoNo Art Festival dates: August 3 & 4, 2019

Hours: Sat - 10 - 5 and Sun 10 - 5, rain or shine

Set - up: Saturday, August 3 - 5am - 10:00am

Location - 50 Washington Street and Main Street area, South Norwalk, CT 06854

Just off of I-95, Exit 15 heading South or Exit 14 from the North follow signs to South Norwalk.


SoNo Art Festival juries by digital images.

Provide a CD, a memory stick or email digital jpg images of your work LABELED - Last name first, (i.e. Smith, John 1)

Please provide the following information and details about each of the images submitted:

Digital File 1: TITLE PRICE________________________________________________


Digital File 2: TITLE PRICE ________________________________________________


Digital File 3: TITLE PRICE________________________________________________


Digital File 4: TITLE PRICE________________________________________________


Digital File 5Display Booth________________________________________

Applications will not be accepted without an image or description of your booth. Your display images should include work representative of the type which will be exhibited.

Mailing Address -  

Sue Brown Gordon - SoNo Arts Festival  

26 Yew Street

Norwalk, CT 06850

website: or


phone: (518)852-6478

Please note messages are answered fastest by email.

Thank you for your application!