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Stamford Art Festival at Harbor Point,  Stamford, CT            

          July 27 - 28, 2019               

Saturday 10 – 5, Sunday 10 – 5                                                                                                

July 27 and 28, 2019 -- Juried artisans showing one-of-a-kind works in  fine arts and fine crafts will be featured at the 4th Annual Stamford Art Festival on Saturday and Sunday, July 27 and 28, from 10 am to 5 pm, rain or shine.  Those invited exhibitors specializing in painting, sculpture, wood, wearable and decorative fiber, metalwork, printmaking, glass, ceramics, and art jewelry will share their unique talents at this premier event held in Harbor Point along the water front on Harbor Point Road and GPS 1 Harbor Point Rd. in Stamford, Connecticut. In addition to showing their work, the exhibiting artists will be available on site to share their creative process with patrons. There will demonstrations, hands-on art projects and plenty of complimentary art supplies available for inspired children and adults to enjoy throughout the weekend event provided by Jerry's Artarama.

“The Stamford Art Festival is unique not only because it offers such a wide variety of work from so many highly-skilled artists from all over the country, but also because visitors have an opportunity to create as well,” says Sue Brown Gordon, the Stamford Art Festival Director. “Here you can find something beautiful for your home, and learn about the creative process, too!”  “We hope that by providing the opportunity and inspiration, visitors will also have fun making and sharing their own artwork while at the art festival.”

The 4th Annual Stamford Art Festival includes museum quality fine arts and handmade crafts, fun educational activities for children and adults, international cuisine, and live music performances Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 5pm.

Admission to this community Art Festival is free.

FREE Parking is right next door -  so easy.

Visitors will find parking nearby in the area and the Stamford Art Festival is just a few blocks from the Metro-north train station. There is a free area trolley as well as cabs waiting there to bring you to Harbor Point. Harbor Point is located off exit 7 South bound I-95, Atlantic Street, off I-95, turn east on Atlantic, go 3 blocks towards the water. Follow signs for parking.

It is even possible to arrive to the Stamford Art Festival by boat.  Your own boat or, just take the free water taxi if you like.

The Stamford Art Festival will entertain you with amazing Art and Stamford’s best waterfront views, come get inspired!

For information, visit or call (518) 852-6478

Newly renovated Harbor Point is a mecca of shops, restaurants and living space overlooking the beautiful Stamford Harbor.  The venue is stunning and impressive.  This will be the second year for this successful event and will be based on the Bruce Museum shows in Greenwich, CT.  The event is hosted with the support of Stamford's BLT, the Stamford Art Association, Jerry's Artarama and numerous volunteers and artists. These generous contributors help keep this community event free for all to enjoy.  Thank you. 

2019 Participating Exhibitors

01 Sorge Joe Sculpture

02 Mayer Scott MM

03 Jones Daniel Photography

04 Ortiz Leo Painting

04 Brown Gordon Sue Jewelry

05 Brunelle James Ceramics & Jewelry

06 Jason Glass Curtis

07 - 08 Gordon David E. Painting

09 Zeng Simon Painting

10 Jimenez Nicario Sculpture

11 Brown Matt Printmaking

12 Gal Yoram Painting

13 Franklin Bruce Photography

14 Michaels Phillip Painting Lester D. Olin Joanna M. Case

15 Ceramics

16 Chen Yukang Painting

17 Budd Lisa C. Painting Horacio Lertora Melissa Mastrangelo &

18 Mixed Media

19 Margolis David 2-DPhotography

20 Solin Randy Glass

21 Moore Christine Adele Mixed Media

23 - 24 Lake Ron 2 - D Photography

25 Killan Mark Wood

26 Fink Maria & Ron Mixed Media

27 Abramson Amy Painting

28 Michael Pundy Emilie Cohen Jewelry

29 Jobe Charlene Painting

30 Deng John Photography

31 Kousnsky Isack Photograpghy

32 Oxley Yvonne R. Specialty Vendola Sylvia Products

33 jewelry

34 Lee Tung S. Painting

35 Perry Mark A. Sculpture

37 Pierre-Noel Ernst Jewelry

38 Hill Jennifer Mone' Painting

39 Way He Hue Photography Lana Rayberg Oleg Mikhailov

40 Painting

41 Lutwama Deo Painting /Speedy Richard Mixed Media

42 - 43 Photography

43 Heitmann Eric Painting

44 Moss Mark Specialty

45 CORNE Mixed Media

47 Kenny Ed & Diane Fiber

49 Macaulay Angus Painting

50 Hall Jason Wood

51 - 52 Ardolino Jennifer Painting

54 - 55 Patterson Michael Painting

56 Boogaerts Whitmore Sculpture

73 Kitchen Magic Commercial

74 Lorber Paul Jewelry

75 DAFNI Melissa Rioux Specialty Food

76 Porter Jacob Sponsor

78 Renewal by Andersen Sponsor

79 - 80 Leafguard Sponsor

85 van Orsouw John Painting

86 Bartlett Dylan Wood

87 Cavagnaro Justn GLASS

88 Cutler Lisa Jewelry

89 Venture Photography Sponsor

90 O’Farrow Joan Fiber

91 Dietlin Nancy Fiber

93 Sieczkiewicz David Photography

95 Hallmark David Wood

97 Sponsor David Lerner Associates

98 Niskala Nurit Jewelry

99 Shampine Paul Mixed Media

100 Flaisher Amailia Glass

101 Rossetti Kelly Painting

102 Zizi Pan Weih Painting

103 Reich Lesley Ceramics

103 Trincere Lolita & Richard Mixed Media

104 Bonart Ben Painting

105 Mangels David Photography

106 Debnath Nirmal Mixed Media

108 Sweeney Patrick Painting

109 Ozeri MIchal Painting

110 Lausier Jamie Mixed Media

112 Ashbury Robin Jewelry

114 Fowler Betsy Painting

115 Filopoulos Karen Grace Jewelry

Food 1 Blind Rhino Cafe Bar

Food 2 Mazzaferro Lucy Food

Food 3 Chicken Waffles Aisha Food

Youth Activities Murray Keith

Mortensen Valerie Activities kids area

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2019 Stamford Art Festival Artists

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Weih Zizi Pan - Oil Painting

Weih Zizi Pan - Oil Painting

Jason Curtis - Handblown Glass

Jason Curtis - Handblown Glass

James Brunelle - Raku Pottery

James Brunelle - Raku Pottery

Randi Solin - Handblown Glass - Brattleboro, VT -

Randi Solin - Handblown Glass - Brattleboro, VT -

Sylvia Vendola - Hand made Jewelry

Sylvia Vendola - Hand made Jewelry

Wendy Nield - Fiber

Wendy Nield - Fiber

Peter Bowe - Carved Sculptures

Peter Bowe - Carved Sculptures

Karen Kemp - Printmaking -

Karen Kemp - Printmaking -