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Meet the Artists at the Gallery

Artists on Site - Friday March 10, Saturday March 11, Sunday March 12


James Brunelle Jr       10am - 9pm    Drawing and Printing - James Brunelle guides guests through simple exercises in drawing with mixed media and printing from cut outs.


Peter Bowe                11am - 1pm    Sculptor Peter Bowe demonstrates and carves wood and stone species from near and far.

Ming Yuen-Chat         Noon - 2pm    Ceramic Artist - Ming Yuen-Chat displays additional wares, illustrates and explains the wood fired process.

Frédéric-JG Blanque Noon - 2pm    Photography of Frédéric-JG Blanque displays the vast imagery of a metropolis.

Lanni Sidotti               1-3pm             Metal Enamel Artist Lanni Sidotti presents cloisonné works aside her handcrafted enamel and silver kinetic jewelry.

Janis Cutler Gear       2-4pm             Ceramic Artist Janis Cutler Gear has paintings on thrown porcelain with incredible detail.

Scott Glaser                2-4pm             Painting/Drawing - Scott Glaser utilizes the centuries-old grid system of painting and drawing to create realistic, figurative and impressionistic pieces of art.

Joe Sorge                    3-5pm             Sculptor Joe Sorge works in metals to defy gravity by use of negative space.


Audrey & Drew Klotz 11am - 1pmAudrey & Drew Klotz boost the palate of vivid color through their paintings and kinetic sculpture in the collection.

Jennifer Webb            Noon - 2          Stained Glass Artist Jennifer Webb pieces colorful and textured glass into illuminating geometric panels.

Amy Kaplan               1-3pm             Painter Amy Kaplan's imagery on canvas and in Lucite represents ribbon in the near spring air.

Dan Buckley               2-4pm             Classical Painter Dan Buckley demonstrates the fine tuning of working the still life.

Earlier Event: December 3
Grand Opening Gordon Fine Arts Gallery
Later Event: April 9
Drop In & Draw ON!